Natural Gas Fuel Conversions

Alternative Fuel Conversions

Natural Gas Fuel Systems for EMD Engines

RPS offers innovative retrofit technologies from Energy Conversions Inc. that enable the classic EMD 2 stroke locomotive engine to operate reliably and efficiently on natural gas. ECI’s NG fuel systems are optimized direct low pressure gas injection with revised after cooling and modified pistons. Both dual fuel and dedicated gas conversions are available and provide fully automated operation, cleaner fuel, reduced engine wear and lower maintenance.

bnDual Fuel System

  • >90% diesel to gas replacement
  • Maintains diesel-only capability for greater versatility
  • Achieves full rated horsepower in both diesel and dual fuel modes
  • >66% Reduction in NOx emissions

napaDedicated Natural Gas

  • 100% diesel to gas replacement
  • Achieves full rated horsepower
  • An extremely low emissions
  • No Toxic Diesel PM emissions
  • 1-2 g/hp-hr of NOx (Tier 3+)
  • Up to 50% reduction in fuel costs

When combined with the Blended aftertreatment system, these natural gas conversion solutions can be Tier 4 compliant without sacrificing performance or efficiency.

Alternative Fuel Storage Systems

Crashworthy Underframe Natural Gas Storage Systems


Integrated High Density Above Frame Storage

8 Tubes @ 4500psi 1200+ Diesel Gallon Equivalent of CNG

8 Tubes @ 4500psi
1200+ Diesel Gallon Equivalent of CNG

Natural Gas Fuel Conversions

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