• Blended Aftertreatment System with Compact SCR
  • Additional Power Electronics to boost propulsive HP and add limp home capability
  • Added “Passive” DPF to HEP engine
  • Tier 4- Emissions allows up to 85% Moyer Funding
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Natural Gas Fuel ConversionsNatural Gas Fuel Conversions

  • Natural Gas Fuel Systems
  • Natural Gas Fuel Storage
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Zero Emissions  Locomotives 

  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Electric Locomotives
  • Wireless Energy Transfer
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Hybrid Electric StorageHybrid Commuter Rail

  • Consumes 30% less fuel than single Tier 4 locomotive train
  • 30% less emissions based on fuel consumption
  • Uses Existing Equipment so reliability and maintainability are retained
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The Path to Near Zero Emissions Commuter Rail

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