About the Company

Rail Propulsion Systems is a California based Technology Company dedicated to modernizing transportation and eliminating congestion in our cities and transportation corridors. Our technologies are tailored to existing locomotive platforms providing commuter rail agencies and short line railroads with low cost opportunities to improve the operations of their fleets. Our solutions integrate proven after treatment, alternative fuel and hybrid energy storage system technologies in a manner that is both low risk to the operators and disruptive to current reliance on diesel.

With our partnering companies, we improve existing locomotives through increases in efficiency, performance and reliability while reducing emissions and operating costs.

What We Offer

Low cost, low risk solutions that reduce emissions and improve performance of existing locomotives.

Clean Energy funded alternatives to high speed engine repower or new purchases.

Low cost lease of locomotives as demonstrators that supplement an agencies fleet rather than burdening their operations

An emissions reduction funded three stage path to a Near Zero Emissions solution using the existing locomotives.

The Path to Near Zero Emissions Commuter Rail

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