Hybrid Energy Storage Systems

By Clean Train Propulsion & Engine, Fuel and Emissions Engineering

Zero Emissions Booster Locomotive

The Zero Emissions Booster Locomotive (ZEBL) is a self contained all electric booster locomotive designed to increase performance and reduce emissions of existing commuter trains.

  • Significant reduction in fuel consumption and brake wear
  • Doubles acceleration and capability of the consist it is added to
  • Plug n Play capability with no changes to infrastructure or operations
  • Built on conventional locomotive frame and trucks
  • Integrated Crash Energy Management (Optional Pushback Couplers
  • Provides much of the benefit of electrification without compromising rail usage
  • Provides path to natural gas fueled near zero emissions hybrid pair
  • Wireless charging through inductive energy transfer

Zero Emissions Boost

The Path to Near Zero Emissions Commuter Rail

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